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AMC Frequently Asked Questions


In order to make your review of our site more efficient, we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions for your perusal.  Feel free to use our Contact page if you have any further questions.

 01  What is an AMC (Association Management Company)?

AMCs are for-profit businesses that manage the business of running an association to help their boards of directors focus on their own field of expertise. They offer the knowledge, experience, staffing and resources that allow professional societies, to professionally manage day-to-day operations and advance their long-term goals. AMCs also provide their clients with flexibility, agility and financial advantages, making the AMC model a good alternative for managing many nonprofit organizations.




 02  What services does Society Offices AMC offer?

Society Offices AMC adjusts to our clients needs by offering full service management (including database management, membership communications, accounting/budgeting, meeting planning, website administration, etc.) as well as single project or consulting services. Get more specifics by reviewing our Services page.




 03  Is an AMC right for my organization?

An AMC like ours is generally most useful for societies or associations who have either, 1) been self-managed by their board of directors and volunteers and who have found that the tasks of running the organization have become too time-consuming, 2) decided that they need more experienced management assistance, but aren't in a position to hire their own staff or 3) have been with a previous management company, but feel the need for a change.  If that sounds like you, find out more on our Services page or submit a Request for Proposal.




 04  How many clients does Society Offices AMC currently serve?

Society Offices AMC currently has four clients.  All are scientific associations and all are international organizations.  However, we are always seeking new business!




 05  How will Society Offices AMC work with our association leadership?

Society Offices AMC will concentrate on managing the day-to-day operations and will provide strategic input to the board of directors, which allows the leadership to focus on the big picture, making the most of their limited time.

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